I’m your father

If he is not your father, dont’ pretend to be Luke Skywalker!

Business Authenticity, an easy, playful and long-lasting client and purspose-oriented approach to branding and cultural transformation for leading and willing-to- lead organizations and brands.



New brands or brands under a change (new market, new manager, new culture), we provide full service from naming to logo, storytelling, statement and communication guidelines.


When “we’ve always done it this way” does no longer apply you’re under a cultural transformation. Identifying its key pillars and engaging the whole team may need some help and lots of patience, but it can also be a beautiful journey to a greater commitment.


Tailor-made workshops designed to facilitate meeting your own demands as an organization or as a brand: storytelling, new opportunities, innovation,  improvement even team-building with a challenge.


The Kaplan Way

Mrs.Kaplan uses  a systemic, purpose and client oriented approach to business and its challenges. Therefore we have many tools at hand to approach any situation from a creative perspective facilitating the team to find their own ways to success.

  • Lego Serious Play LSP
  • Story cubes
  • Reputation canvas
  • Client lookbook
  • News from the future
  • Role cards

These are some of the resources available to facilitate you and your organization gain a new perspective on your goals as the first step to designing a real strategy to success.